The FRIO® Cooling Case will enhance the life of anybody reliant on insulin or numerous other temperature-touchy drugs. The FRIO® is a reusable evaporative cooler whose cooling properties do not originate from an ice pack – or anything that necessities refrigeration.

 Its cooling properties originate from the dissipation of water.

  • Whenever actuated, it holds its temperature under 78°F for at least two days, even at temperatures of 100°F.
  • For a FRIO® to be actuated, basically absorb it water for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • It holds its cooling properties for at least two entire days. From that point onward, re-absorb it water and it is useful for an additional two days.
  • While a customary medicine cooling case gives you a six to eight-hour "chain" to refrigeration, FRIO cuts that chain.
  • The FRIO® offers the security of not being reliant on refrigeration for the life-basic cooling of your insulin. It gives you opportunity and adaptability to appreciate life as you pick.

Besides, on the grounds that you need not bother with an ice pack or the encompassing protecting materials, the FRIO® wallet is lighter and little than customary drug cooling cases.

There are different sizes of FRIO® accessible – some sufficiently little to fit in your jean take.

Further Description:

  • Designed to keep insulin cool while in your pocket or bag, also works with many eyedrops medications
  • Insulating qualities help protect medication from cold
  • Cooling quality is created simply by wetting the pouch.
  • No need to refrigerate 
  • Light, compact, easy to transport 
  • Reusable, basically forever 

Ideal for carrying various combinations of pens and vials, as follows: 
a. 2 x insulin pens (not incl.)
b. 2 x 10ml vials of insulin and syringes (not incl.) 

Inner Wallet Dimensions: 
83mm x 180mm (3.5" x 7"approx)