Here is a bunch of words about us and also our return policy

MyType is a small, family-run brand focusing on making the lives of diabetics just a little better. No, we don't have all the answers (if we did pizza day would be every day) but we hope that through a community, social presence and the small accessories we make, some marginal difference can be achieved. We hope to have a few products available within our first year of operation, as well as plenty of wearable accessories like t-shirts and jewelry. Please take a moment to browse our blog, which has some great information, check out some of the products and join our social accounts on Facebook, Twitter. We also have an exercise/running group, it's free and awesome.

Return Policy:

This is where the customer comes first. Buying something online shouldn't come with the caveat of risk. If you are unhappy with our product LET us know! We will do our best to make your experience a good one. We do ask that you contact us within 30 days of purchase, beyond that we will handle returns on a case by case basis.