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MyType Leather Insulin Pen Case


Incredible diabetes travel case for your insulin, utilize day by day guards your insulin while in it is lying safe in the folds of your pocket. The most amazing fact about this product is that the little case for an insulin pen consumes up insignificant room in a pocket which is much like a Wallet. This Leather Insulin Pen Case is in vogue and ensures your insulin while it is in your pocket or sack.

What’s more?

It actually provides you with 3 layers of security which help protect your prefilled insulin pen from the components and from physical harm.

There is also a little opening in the base which actually shields syringes from stalling out.

While not a cooler this case gives protection, keeping up a decent temperature and keeping your insulin cool longer.

This super amazing insulin carrying case which is not only attractive and convenient but also extremely useful, measures around 7" long.


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